What is the shop for?

Tokenshop is a secure and private method to get Stickie~Box box upgrades.

How can I buy a token?

It is working like prepaid GSM cards or online games:

  • Choose a package (Stickie~Box Shop).
  • Pay
  • You will receive information and payment validation to your e-mail address.
  • Additional the token info is showed on the website:

For example

Token for Stickie~Box AboTrans

Redeemable from 17th April 2018 19:15 to 17th April 2019




  • Each token is anonymous and has no information about his buyer
  • Everyone who has the token can use it.
  • The redeem of the token is also anonymous
  • Each type of token is only redeemable only once in a period.

How can I redeem a token?

  • Go to Stickie~Box (https://pin.stickiebox.org/)
  • Login
  • Choose your preferred root box (manager-rights required!)
  • Goto menu "Configuration -> Box limits" (the menu with the wrench)
  • Enter your token in "Enter token"
  • Click "Show". The information about the token will be displayed.
  • Now you can activate the token with: "Redeem token"
  • Your done!

How much tokens can I redeem?

  • Each token type is redeemable once in a period.
  • But it is possible to upgrade to a higher package.
    Expansions for:
  • Example: You have choosed AboTrans, but it is more attachment space required.
    You can upgrade with each of the other Abos
  • Example: Abo500 is choosed, and the attachment space should be expanded.
    You can buy a AboGiga token and redeem it.

Are there indivdual packages for the service Stickie~Box?

We will provide you with a custom solution
Please contact us via https://www.stickiebox.org/en/kontakt/